Monday, May 31, 2010

Off to Ohio!

I will be home for a few days visiting my mother and some friends. My mom does have internet... but I have heard it's... "slow".
Doubt i will be camming until I get home, but I will be around none the less. I have a zillion things to do/work on to get my website up and other things like clips4sale and images4sale going.

I have a list of things I want to incorporate but are there any requests? What types of images and videos would you like to see me do?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bad Karma?

Seriously? What on EARTH did i do that I have such bad Karma with the electronics gods?
I am at my old boss's house visiting for the holiday. We are having a nice time BBQing, spending time with old friends and just relaxing. I decided to get the laptop out so I could do a few things online while everyone was playing the Wii. I couldn't get the internet key to connect so i picked the laptop up and walked to her sons room. Losing my balance i tried to catch myself as my laptop tumbled to the ground and cracked on the linoleum.

my first payment is due next week on a $1,104 bill that I haven't put a penny on yet.


5 minutes after it fell

5 HOURS after it fell.
I'm just watching it bleed to death.

/emo Kaylee

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cam tonight :)

Camming now! AllBBWCams and IMlive through out the night :D come find me and take me private. Its bee a long time since I was on cam and I could use some fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holy crap Kaylee is ALIVE!

It's been a VERY long 8 weeks. Long story short.

I got a new job.
I gave it 8 weeks.
The longest and busiest 8 weeks of my life.
I hated it.
I quit.

NOW, i'm taking the summer off! This will be the summer of Kaylee Bangs ;)

Lot's of things have happened. I signed with Big Cuties. My website is in the works and I anticipate it should be open in a week or 2 max. They are very prompt with correspondence and I think it will work well. My name with them will be Big Cutie Kaylee. If you see that name anywhere on social networking, or cam sites thats me!

On a seperate note, Kaylee Bangs will still be in full effect. I wanted to sign with Big Cuties because I believe we will work well together. They do however have some beliefs and mottos that don't incorporate things that I love and like to bring to the BBW world. As most of you know, I LOVE blow jobs. Quite frankly, I could give head 24 hours a day. I crave a big cock in my mouth. *grin*

That isn't something I can bring to my site. They also don't allow any type of "pink" to be shown. They have a "no smut" policy. I love the whole concept... but there are parts of me that I can't let go of. So, I will still be camming on both and, I am going to open a store on clips4sale, and most likely I will also have other other ways of bringing more of Kaylee Bangs to you in the form of Videos.

Stay tuned to my blog here. I will announce when my site is open!

Kaylee Bangs