Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bad Karma?

Seriously? What on EARTH did i do that I have such bad Karma with the electronics gods?
I am at my old boss's house visiting for the holiday. We are having a nice time BBQing, spending time with old friends and just relaxing. I decided to get the laptop out so I could do a few things online while everyone was playing the Wii. I couldn't get the internet key to connect so i picked the laptop up and walked to her sons room. Losing my balance i tried to catch myself as my laptop tumbled to the ground and cracked on the linoleum.

my first payment is due next week on a $1,104 bill that I haven't put a penny on yet.


5 minutes after it fell

5 HOURS after it fell.
I'm just watching it bleed to death.

/emo Kaylee

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